Lifology C-Suit

Lifology C-Suit follows Lifology’s Penta-loop Model to lead a child towards a meaningful future. It ensures the right selection, of course, institution and career for the child.

The Lifometric Assessment comprises three sophisticated tools namely the FACE, Marston’s Type Indicator and Multiple Intelligence Orientation, developed on the basis of studies conducted by renowned scientists Carl Gustav Jung, William Marston and Howard Gardner. These tests which have been scientifically validated for reliability, helps a child know him/herself better.

Our Lifologists provide coaching based on the Lifology coaching model which emphasize that profession is not a means for earning alone but a major part of life itself which incorporates self-exploration, understanding of the environment, aptitude and opportunities. View more

Our industry experts and senior professionals provide mentoring on a specific career, where they share with the mentee, the required knowledge and expertise needed to build one’s career graph.

We come up with the most recent labour market information on the nature of the profession, current trends, work systems, courses and institutions to keep the aspirants updated.

We also provide a series of Lifeware videos with information useful for today’s career aspirants like life skills, expert’s view and career data. There are also videos to infuse inspiration and motivate students to face challenges and move ahead in life with confidence.

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Sample Report

'Lifology C-Suit' gives you a comprehensive idea about how your child learns. Here is a snapshot of the Lifology C-Suit report.

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Lifology L-Suit

Challenge today:

The ability to learn fast and effectively is a prized skill today. Education has taken on a more practical fast-paced approach that it was a few years ago. The impact of this challenge is borne extensively by the student community.

An effective learning approach is different for every student due to the distinctive individual buildup. This makes it imperative to design bespoke learning models through which students can effectively learn their vast competitive syllabuses within a short span of time. This will pave way for better academic performances, which is a requisite for students to confidently attempt the various national and international competitive exams ahead of them. View more’s Learning Orientation Assessment is an exclusive product to shed light on the intelligence pattern of a student and the channels by which the student can comprehend information to the fullest. With this, the learning process is set for big change/The learning process is set out for a change/With this learning will never be the same again/ Now you child will enjoy learning.

How we can support:’s Learning Orientation Assessment makes use of a series of scientifically framed questions to assess the orientation of a student. A detailed report of the student’s intelligence model and the applicable methods to make learning effective and interesting will be provided.

Scientific background: The test uses 2 sets of assessments based on the works of the renowned educationists Neil Fleming and David Kolb.

The scientific validity of these tests has been confirmed by expert psychologists and academicians.

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Sample Report

'Lifology L-Suit' gives you a comprehensive idea about how your child learns. Here is a snapshot of the Lifology L-Suit report.

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