”Leading your child towards a meaningful future”

How To Track Career


“Are you confused about your child’s career?”


“Do you find it difficult to fix the right course and college for her?”


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“The Penta-loop Model.”


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How to Track career

“Are you confused about your child’s career?”

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Lifometric assessments

Every assessment has been designed, tested and validated by internationally renowned experts using to-date, proven, scientific tools.

Worldly information

Industry experts bring to you the up-to-date market trends and existing opportunities.

Coaching from Lifologists

Our certified lifologists are available at your convenience to help well decipher the assessments and offer systematic further orientation to children.

Mentoring by Industry experts

Industry experts from various relevant areas reveal a lot more than mere peripheral info. But, a complete overview of the professional world.

Lifeware tutorials

A complete set of video material replete with resources for exam preparation, communication styles, memory techniques, motivation, relationship management and much more relevant to students.


Our products

Lifology C-Suit

Does the thought of your child's career make you smile? If you are doubtful, why take a chance? Take Lifology C-Suit and become confident about the bright future of your child.

Lifology L-Suit

Learning is faster, efficient, long-lasting and fun with interesting learning models. It's unique for each individual. Let's find out what works for your child.