A Guinness World Record winning - Growth Ecosystem, rooted in the pedagogy of Lifology, the Philosophy and Science of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our empirically tested & internationally validated ‘Penta-loop Model’ comprising Assessments, Coaching, Labour Market Intelligence, Mentoring and Life Skills, are intended to lead children towards a meaningful future.

Due to unscientific career selection and the phenomenon of right people in the wrong place - in this 4th industrial revolution, the economic and social fabric of the nation has been deeply affected. The world is staring at a career crisis which gets reflected in the GDP and happiness quotient of the land. This makes the world ‘a difficult place to live’. Hence, urgent action is required to channelize our children’s future towards the right direction in order to frame a better World. Lifology.com is taking up this ambitious initiative to spread ‘Career Literacy’ among students and help them make informed and appropriate decisions regarding career. 

Every initiative at Lifology.com is developed based on the principles of LIFOLOGY, the philosophy and science of the new era. Lifology, being the study of the relationship between human beings, career and their occupational eco-system, ensures a theoretical and academic foundation for the platform. 

Every era needs its own science. If Sociology and psychology served their purpose during right time in the history, Lifology is the Philosophy and Science of the new era. It is the study of human beings in relation to their career and occupational eco-system. It has its roots in Philosophy. When Psychology approaches career through the lens of mind, economics through the lens of money, Lifology treats career through the lens of ‘Life’, as a whole. Lifology is the outcome of the search for a more valid, and precise knowledge about the relationship between human beings, career, and occupational eco-system.

Our Vision

To lead every student, irrespective of all barriers, to a meaningful future by ensuring the right choice, orientation and approach to career through the integration of assessments, coaching, mentoring, digital tutorials and such scientific as well as advanced systems.

Our Mission

To be the most meaningful integrated and accessible growth eco-system for students to attain self-actualization