About Lifology

Lifology is the world’s #1 career-guidance programme.

Just like the GPS app on your smartphone that helps you reach the right destinations, Lifology navigates teenagers to their most suited career options and prospects — so that they can lead a life of happiness, fulfilment and purpose.

Only a few children — under 5 percent — are on the right track as they pursue higher education. Despite extensive support in the way of career counsellors in most schools, a vast majority of the students make the wrong career choice after high- school. This snowballs into underperforming in University academics, and leads to a life of stress, unhappiness, and a lack of fulfilment and purpose. As they lose confidence, rising technology takes over their jobs. Their dreams lose life, before they ever got the chance to begin.

In this highly competitive world, it is the people who chose the right career who succeed.

  • Focused one-on-one mentoring
  • Customised to the needs of each student
  • Backed by advanced AI-powered engine

Lifology helps to achieve just that. By fusing the power of human and artificial intelligence, we are on a mission to lead teenager to their most suitable and fulfilling career options.

Lifology Journey

The term ‘Lifology’ is coined


Lifology Research Foundation is launched


Lifology ventures into human development training programs

2005 to 2008

Lifology is presented in Cardiff University, UK


Lifology is shortlisted by Venture Wales, UK, for professional mentoring


Lifology expands to the Middle East and India


Lifology works closely with corporates, governments, and educational institutions

2010 to 2016

The founders reach consensus on tackling meaninglessness due to wrong career choices


The team presents the idea of ‘right people to the right places’ as a TEDx Talk


Lifology.com is launched with a Guinness World Record


Lifology ties up with GEMS Education, UAE
Lifology signs up with 2 state governments
Lifology signs up with Adani Foundation in India


Lifology is present in the UK, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and India