The Lifology Story

2004The BeginningThe term Lifology is coined
2005First StepLifology Research Foundation is launched
2005-08The Learning TimeLearning, research, testing, implementation
2008Proof of ConceptPresented at Cardiff University
2010–18Development PhaseDeep development programs for people from all walks of lives
2010Shaping-up phaseThoughts Academy is formed with a mission to help people live a meaningful life
2009The Big LeapSelected for mentoring by venture Wales
2018Great RealizationIdentified ‘Lack of Guidance’ as a pertinent problem worthy enough to solve
2018The mission is onNew incarnation of Lifology
2018-21Testing Phase100,000 + users, 52 countries, 8 curriculum
2021The LaunchWorld’s first guidance app is launched

About Lifology

‘Lifology’ is the Guinness World Record-winning Guidance App.

Lifology provides ultra-personalized guidance by experts to make you future-ready.

We focus on areas such as emotional well-being, skill development, education, and career planning. Lifology brings global intelligence to your mobile phone, supporting your journey to a successful future.

Lifology is celebrated for its boldness in creating a new industry category, ‘Personal Guidance’.

Started in the UK, the organization currently operates across the UK, Middle East, and India.

Lifology has shown a 400% growth in customer engagement in 2020, and the growth continues. To date, more than 100,000 people across 52 countries have benefited from Lifology's services.

About Lifology


“To make people future ready”


“To become the most powerful influencer in the way people plan education, career and life”

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