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“The mission of Lifology is to empower each parent in India to lead children to the right education, career and future where they enjoy happiness, financial security, fulfilment and purpose. Precisely, we partner parents in India to be the most trusted advisors of their teenage kids in deciding higher education and career”.

Only a few children — under 5 percent — are on the right track as they pursue higher education. Despite extensive support in the way of career counsellors in most schools, a vast majority of the students make the wrong career choice after high- school. This snowballs into underperformed in University academics and leads to a life of stress, unhappiness, and a lack of fulfilment and purpose. As they lose confidence, rising technology takes over their jobs. Their dreams lose life, before they ever got the chance to begin.

21st century is the most vibrant and fastest period in the history of mankind. Massive changes happening in the technology sphere is revolutionising every aspect of life. Children need strong, informed and learned support to make the right decisions about education and career.

Research proves, 76% of children are influenced by parents when it comes to education, career and many other important decisions relating to their future. We decide to transform every parent in India to a real ‘Guru’, who influence children to take the most appropriate decisions.

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By fusing the power of human and artificial intelligence, we inspire ordinary Parents to be Super Parents.

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