The relevance of Career Counselling for the future of a Child

What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is defined as the procedure of helping someone to find their skills and interests to reduce the confusion about their career. Career counselling is mostly helpful for the students who are appearing for 10th and 12th examinations and for the people who are planning for a career change as they chose a wrong career path.

Important Elements in Career Counselling for Students

  • Psychometric Assessments
  • An experienced Career Counsellor
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Secure Environment

1. Psychometric Assessments:
Psychometric assessments (Career Aptitude Test) is one of the scientific methods of calculating a person’s skills and personality through in-depth analysis by a qualified counsellor. It is the best tool to evaluate a student’s emotional level, interests, skills, and behaviour.

2. An experienced Career Counsellor:
A well qualified and experienced career counsellor is the most important part of career counselling for students. The counsellor should be genuine and dedicated to their work so that they can provide the best solutions for the students and other clients. Generally, Career counsellors should possess a degree or diploma in career psychology. Counsellors specialized for a particular field should be experts in their respective domains.

3. Trust and Confidence:
There should be a good relationship between the career counsellor and the student. Only then the students will express their genuine opinion regarding their career interests. Also, the parents and students should have complete faith in their Counsellor.

4. Secure Environment:
The environment for career counselling should be comfortable and secure. The student shouldn’t feel stressed and they should be able to discuss their opinion without any hesitation.

Why Career Counselling for Students is important?

Everyone needs career counselling at some point of time in their life. Let's check out the ways through which career counselling helps students.

For Picking The Right Career:
Career Counsellors who are experts in assessing a student's personality, behaviour, interests and skills will suggest the best career options from all the available and relevant options.

For Providing Expert Resources:
As the career counsellors are experts and experienced in their particular area, they will have enough knowledge from a lot of resources. So students get vast options from different resources.

For Changing Unwanted Behavior Patterns:
Career counselling for students will help them to change some behavioural patterns that lead to unproductive activities if any. Students and professionals will have habits which are not useful for their career growth.

For Removing Career-Related Frustration:
Of course, there will be career-related frustration for the students who are already in confusion. Career counselling for students will offer a platform where such frustrations can be reduced.

Who can use Online Career Counselling?

Parents will also be responsible for choosing the right career for their children. Always allow your children to do the research and decisions themselves. Allow them to know the family constraints and abilities, financial abilities, etc… Be aware of your own needs and desires, family pressures and expectations and interferences.

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