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Lifology Super Parents are always ahead of others in leading their children forward in this era of phenomenal changes.

Equip yourself with the necessary superpowers that will help you give your child the vision and practical steps to achieving a bright and successful future.

Comprehensive information on new age career paths, courses and universities.

Expand your vision and power your child’s dreams with a multitude of options.

120+ Video lessons

17,000+ colleges

198,000+ courses

In depth career fitment analysis

Scientifically understand the suitability of your child against more than 100 job clusters organized by percentage.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Developed by a team of psychologists, career experts & counselors

Premium report covering aptitude, competency & learning

Measure the vitals

To develop in any aspect of life, some factors are scientifically and systematically measured. To improve health, the body and its constituents are tested. Why not apply the same principle to improve your child's future? Use globally renowned methods to measure the essential factors that can lead your child to a successful future.

21st century competency


Learning styles

Connect with the world's top 20% career coaches

A league of globally trained career coaches who can support you in the most important decisions regarding your child's future education and career.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Professionals from Fortune 500 companies

Writers, teachers, counselors and so much more

Lifeskill Lessons

GRIT, curiosity, critical thinking, networking, communication, confidence and many more skills are the critical differentiators of the new age careers. Join us as we uncover these vital skills in our conversations with experts.

Royal Marine Commandos

Everest explorers

Life skills masters and mindfulness gurus

LIVE Super parenting workshops

Access a series of exclusive members-only live sessions every month on parenting, education, behaviour development and career guidance. This will certainly turn you into Super Parents.

Be a super parent with Lifology

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Keep you updated with carefully curated career stories.

Unique video platform that discusses careers, lifeskills, study opportunities and more.

Experts are waiting to answer any query you have about career, education and future planning of your child.

Receive periodic updates and alerts on changes around the world of education and career.