Guinness World Record

Guinness World Record for
The most number of people
taking Career Assessment Test

By achieving the Official Guinness World Record for “The most number of people taking Career Assessment Test”, has secured for India her first and foremost Guinness World Record in the field of education, learning, and development. Kerala, the most educated state in the country getting to host this giant accomplishment can be considered as another great privilege and honor.

In association with the event, around 2077 students gathered in the state to take the ‘Psychometric Career Assessment Test’ based on multiple intelligence orientations. Selected school students from across the state took part in the mega event. Veterans in the field of Education, Psychology and Teaching from diverse parts of the states became witness to the feat accompanied by Academicians and Corporate doyens from India and abroad who graced the occasion while the future of our nation – the youngsters, became a part of this significant event that initiated a revolution in the global educational sector.

Emphasizing the need for Scientific Career Assessment in the field of career selection, introduced the most contemporary and sophisticated technologies in the field of psychometric and lifometric assessments. The supreme vision of ‘Team Lifology’ is to take the dimension of scientific assessment to all youngsters irrespective of their ethnicity, class, or geography thereby framing a new world where everyone gets to “Discover their own Destinies.”

The session also illuminated the axiom for the parents that “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can definitely build our youth for the future.” And the preliminary step for building our youth for the future is by assessing and understanding them thoroughly from different dimensions.